Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai was one the first to get a chance to test drive the Toyota Mirai - the first hydrogen fuel cell car scheduled for broader launch.

According to the review, the quality of Mirai is on the Lexus level, as well as the price of $57,500 (before up to $13,000 incentives).

Driving experience after two test drives are positive:

"As we reported last week, it’s a lot like a Prius that handles a bit better with good drivability. Instant torque of 247 pounds-feet helps it feel more stout than its 155 horsepower would suggest. Light steering and low center of gravity make it entertaining enough, but it’s no sport sedan. Weight is 4,078 pounds – about 600 pounds less than a Model S."

"The operational sound is unique, with the hydrogen pump whirring away to the minor accompaniment of a quiet electric motor, wind and tire noise."

Interesting is the part on the look of the new Toyota flagship:

"Say what you will about the car’s looks. Some may like it, others don’t but it may not matter, because this car is about what it is, not what it isn’t.

For those who find it less than beautiful, it does look better in person, though some angles have made people scratch their heads.

We spoke with a couple Toyota representatives who personally divulged they do not think it’s that attractive, adding the design was finalized in Japan. The flowing lines are supposed to symbolize the elegant and sustainable notion of air converting to water vapor."

Despite the fact that the Japanese manufacturer intends to deliver just 3,000 units of Mirai by the end of 2017, there are apparently two new fuel cell models in development.

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