InsideEVs announced the passing of the 50,000-units-sold milestone for Renault electric vehicles more than 6 days ago, but it wasn't until just yesterday that Renault made the achievement official via Twitter:

"We hit 50.000 registered vehicles. 50.000 THANK-YOUS for this electric revolution!

Note that in the image above, the Renault Fluence Z.E. is not present, though it did contribute to the 50,000-unit total.

With Renault finally deciding to (also) follow our advice by offering a battery purchase option with ZOE and Kangoo Z.E., we're willing to bet the next 50,000 will be sold much quicker than the first 50,000.

Our advice to Renault 7 months ago:

“Our prediction is that slowly but surely Renault will abandon the battery rental program in favor of outright selling its EVs.  The automaker’s dwindling EV sales will convince it to make the switch.”

“As nearly all of of our commenters have mentioned, this battery rental idea is what’s holding Renault back.  Look for it to change soon.”

It took awhile for Renault to get the battery purchase program in place, but we're thrilled that the automaker listened to our words of advice.

Cheers to Renault for this electric vehicle achievement!  Next up...100,000!

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