Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

With Renault officially introducing the battery purchase option for ZOE and Kangoo Van Z.E. (but not for the Twizy), we can now examine the details.

We applaud the decision to finally include batteries (which we announced prior to Renault) and hope that now sales will improve. Up to date, Renault sold in the UK roughly 2,000 electric vehicles (50,000 worldwide).

Both models, sold with batteries, will be marked by "i" - ZOE i and Kangoo Van Z.E. i to distinguish them from the battery rental versions.

"Whichever ownership package the customer chooses, the model line-up is exactly the same, with the exception of an ‘i’ badge on the tailgate for full purchase vehicles to ensure easy identification for the used vehicle market."

ZOE i will be priced from £18,443 ($29,000) after Government Plug-in Car Grant (25% up to £5,000), so £4,438 more than the £13,995 plus battery lease.

Kangoo Van Z.E. i will be priced from £16,161 (+VAT) ($25,400) after Government Plug-in Van Grant (20% up to £8,000), so £3,166 cheaper than the £12,995 plus battery lease.

Renault is adding a battery warranty on i versions for five-year / 60,000-miles with minimum capacity performance of 70% for ZOE i and 66% for Kangoo Van Z.E. Standard lifetime warranty under lease scheme continues to be at 75%. If you lose more, Renault will repair or replace battery pack.

"These full purchase models are protected by a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the batteries in addition to the standard Renault vehicle protection of four years / 100,000 miles. The battery warranty gives the customer peace of mind against possible decreases in battery performance over time, guaranteeing a minimum of 70 per cent of the original capacity for ZOE and 66 per cent for Kangoo Van Z.E."

Ken Ramirez, Managing Director, Renault UK, commented:

“Renault was a pioneer in the EV market and has remained a leader by offering the best technology, across a wide Z.E. line-up and at affordable prices. The battery leasing scheme has proved popular with customers for the flexibility and lower purchase prices it offers. The addition of full purchase versions on our core EV models will offer private and business customers a greater choice and further strengthen our position in the UK EV market.”

There is something new for battery hire too - special offer with lowered monthly payments:

"Battery hire will start from £25 per month (down from £45) for the ZOE and from £33+VAT per month (down from £61+VAT) for the Kangoo Van Z.E. range. Over a 36-month period this represents a total saving of £900 on ZOE and £1,008+VAT on Kangoo Van Z.E. on the cost of the battery lease.

The flexibility and convenience of Battery Hire make these offers even more attractive, with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee on batteries under its lease scheme, including repair or replacement if they fall below 75 per cent of their original capacity, as well as the peace of mind of roadside recovery even in the event of an owner running out of charge away from a charging point."



Battery Hire* Battery Purchase
ZOE Expression £13,995 n/a
ZOE Dynamique Zen £15,195 n/a
ZOE Dynamique Intens £15,195 n/a
ZOE i-Expression n/a £18,443
ZOE i-Dynamique Zen n/a £20,043
ZOE i-Dynamique Intens n/a £20,043

*= Battery Hire on ZOE from £25/month

N.B.  All pricing figures are after the Government Plug-in Car Grant.


Battery Hire* Battery Purchase
Kangoo Van Z.E. £12,995 n/a
Kangoo Maxi Z.E. £13,895 n/a
Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Z.E. £14,395 n/a
Kangoo Maxi Crew Van CAB Z.E. £14,895 n/a
Kangoo i Van Z.E. n/a £16,161
Kangoo i Maxi Z.E. n/a £17,062
Kangoo i Maxi Crew Van Z.E.  n/a £17,561
Kangoo i Maxi Crew Van CAB Z.E. n/a £18,062

* = Battery Hire on Kangoo Z.E. from £33/month

N.B. All prices excluding VAT and after the Government Plug-in Van Grant.

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