Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

Nissan LEAF, for yet another year, was the best selling all-electric car in Europe.

The Japanese company announced that ~ 15,000 LEAFs were sold in Europe 2014, which is more than 30% up year-over-year. 15,000 is also half of the 30,200 LEAFs in the U.S., and probably slightly more than in Japan (we are still waiting on those sales results).

On top of that comes 2,300 Nissan e-NV200s sold in Europe alone.

"The Nissan LEAF continues to lead the electric vehicle segment globally and sold more than 15,000 cars in Europe - more than a 30% increase compared to 2013. Globally LEAF owners have now driven a staggering one billion kilometres since the car's launch in 2010. It is also the #1 model among Nissan customers with 97% saying they would recommend it."

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