"Tutorial for setting the car in Camper Mode which runs the HVAC (heater/AC/air circulation) constantly on while you're sleeping in the car or doing something else. This mode can't be used while charging."

Bjørn Nyland shows us how to put a Tesla Model S into "Camper Mode," which will keep the heat or AC running for whatever reason needed.

Without "Camper Mode," Bjørn mentioned that the vehicle will shut off after 30 minutes, even when you are inside the Model S.

Check out the video to learn how to engage "Camper Mode" on the Model S.

We would like to add that if you are going to attempt this, it's probably wise to make sure a charging station is nearby or to use the "Camper Mode" with a decent amount of charge in your battery pack. Bjørn claims this typically consumes  4-7 kilometers of range per hour.  So, judge the range and use "Camper Mode" accordingly.

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