CHAdeMO plug

CHAdeMO plug

CHAdeMO Association officially announced that it has 5,010 CHAdeMO chargers installed.

All those chargers are operated by several independent companies/individuals under different networks or as single units. We believe that not all of them are publicly available, but a significant portion of the total units are available and free.

  • Japan 2,819 (56%)
  • Europe 1,327 (27%)
  • US 810 (16%)
  • Others 54 (1%)
Well, if today there are over 5,000, then maybe at the end of the year 7,500 or more will be achievable.

"The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 5010.

-- (Japan 2819 Europe 1327 USA 810 Others 54) last update 2015.01.06

-- Evolution of the number of CHAdeMO fast charging station"

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