In total, some 13,000-odd ECOtality Charging Units Were Sold To CarCharging

In total, some 13,000-odd ECOtality Charging Units Were Sold To CarCharging

Almost two years ago, there began to appear reports of problems with charging from Blink level 2 charging stations at power levels above 3.3 kW (see archive post on PluginCars).

The problem lies in the cord set, which wasn't able to supply current of 30 A. ECOtality noted before the bankruptcy that an overheating/melting issue of the connector plug is a problem in approximately 12,000 installed units.

The short-term solution was to turn down the maximum output in mid-2013.

Now, at the end of year 2014, the new owner of ECOtality's assets, Car Charging Group, is still fighting with the Blink issue.

In the latest press release, we found a promise to enhance performances of Blink charging stations by switching to new part supplier TE Connectivity instead of the previous supplier Rema.

"After exhaustive research and testing, CarCharging has selected TE Connectivity Ltd ("TE") as the new supplier for the cord set for the Blink Level II commercial EV charging stations. TE provides the cord sets for GE, SemaConnect, Schneider, and other EV Charging station suppliers."

From now on, all new sold and/or deployed Blink Level II EV chargers will meet 30 Amps specification (roughly 7.2 kW of power available).

The second statement is that CarCharging intends to replace the cord sets on all of the installed Blink Level II EV chargers in commercial locations and then to restore the amperage from 24 Amps to its maximum capacity (30 Amps).

Time flies so who knows, maybe in 2015 or 2016 Blink units finally will all work at 30 Amps.  For now, 5.8 kW remains the ceiling.

Michael D. Farkas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CarCharging stated:

"Since the acquisition of the Blink related assets, CarCharging has been committed to improving the overall performance of the Blink EV charging stations and, specifically, the replacement of the Rema cord sets on the Blink Level II EV chargers. After extensive research and testing, we are confident that the cord sets from TE will support the Blink Level II EV charging stations in performing at their maximum capacity and allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles more rapidly."

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