"China says it's extending subsidies for electric cars until the end of the decade, to encourage drivers to go green and help ease pollution. That could be good news for Tesla, as it tries to gain a foothold in China. Bloomberg's Angie Lau has been for a test drive in the Model S with Bloomberg Intelligence Auto Analyst Steve Man, and asked him what the road ahead holds in 2015."

As Tesla pushes into region in Asia, the challenges the automaker faces have become apparent.

In particular, weak sales in China have stumped the automaker and several top-level execs in the Asia region have parted ways with the electric automaker.

Then there was the recent statement on weak sales by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  We covered that statement like this:

Musk admitted that “China was unexpectedly weak in the fourth quarter,” but noted that they understand the problems and that they will fix “China issues.”  The problem?  Tesla’s communication with the Chinese population over the charging of the Model S – specifically that it was thought to be difficult to do and to travel long distances.

Asia may hold the key for Tesla Motors, so it's an area of intense interest for the automaker right now.  What's in store for 2015 for Tesla in Asia?  We'll find out over the next 10 months.

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