"Kia UK set up a test of the Soul EV's range on a single charge. The full range achieved on this test was 125.3 miles, with a conservative estimate of a further nine miles shown on the display; equaling a total range potential of 134.9 miles. A diagnostics report run on the vehicle soon after the test showed the battery still had 13% battery remaining, which equates to 15 miles when calculated against the homologated range of 132, meaning a realistic potential range of 140.3. The likelihood is there were more miles to be had considering the Soul EV's intelligent regenerative braking system, teamed with available driver controlled functions to extend range - limited use of on-board electronics, air conditioning, driving frugally etc."

Please consider that this test was conducted by Kia, not an independent tester.

Our own range test of the Kia Soul EV concludes with the following statements:

We drove a total of 104.5 miles, however 100 miles from the odometer reading was at 62mph (100kmh). With the Google Maps correction of 1.5% added to the odometer, we will therefore award 101.5 mile (162.4 km) autonomous range at 62mph (100km) given our test parameters.

With an ending economy / consumption rate of 3.9 miles per kWh (256.4 watt hours per mile), or 6.24 km per kWh (160 watt hours per km) divided into the distance of 104.5 miles results with 26.8 kWh of usable energy consumed from the battery.


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