CNET's Brian Cooley checks out the brand-new Kia Soul EV. There are a lot of positives, along with a few negatives

As mentioned multiple times, the electric version is similar to the conventional Kia Soul found on roads across America today.

If you are familiar with the Kia Soul, you should not have any issue picking out the ICE and BEV versions.  There are just a few minor differences externally. If you are not familiar with the Soul, then the video above will guide you to notice those differences/new features.

The Kia Soul EV already comes mostly loaded, aside from some additional Kia accessories.

In the review, Brian mentions an audible noise coming from the electric motor, which he states can be heard most of the time.  Cooley calls this noise a "deal breaker."

We wonder, do current Soul EV owners notice this noise that Cooley isn't fond of?

If you happen to own on of the few Soul EVs sold in the U.S., then let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Kia Soul EV.

Kia Soul EV.

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