Posted on a YouTube channel called simply Tesla Motorcycle with only one video, we found this: The Tesla Model M Commercial

It's clear it's not coming from Tesla, since it's just not Musk's style to work on something as mind-bending as a motorcycle and release the news with little or no fanfare, and no explanation whatsoever.  Certainly, it wouldn't be the gas bike shown in the video - did you notice the pipe and muffler? Our noses tell us Ducati.

A decidedly Ducati-ish looking

A decidedly Ducati-ish looking "electric motorcycle".

More than likely it's coming from a student project, or simply some guy who's trying to get Tesla's attention.  Our guess is he will, though in the form of a take-down demand on a lawyer's stationary.  In any case, it's fun to dream, and enjoy it while it's up.

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