Yes guys and gals...even Fox News enjoys the Volkswagen e-Golf.

We knew eventually that even Fox News would warm up to electric cars.  Some quotes from the Fox News video:

"A Golf has never been this green.

"The folks at VW said they didn’t want to start selling an electric car until they could do it right, and a brief drive in the e-Golf reveals that they have done just that."

" gets up to speed easily, if not rocket quick, and the power delivery is smooth and natural. From the driver’s seat there’s barely any noise from the motor or anywhere. Not a squeak or rattle to be heard."

"The ride is very comfortable and compliant, and the handling is as sharp as you’d expect from a Golf. The interior is very nicely appointed, and the way they packaged the battery pack is really amazing. The cargo bay doesn’t just have a low, flat load floor, but there’s extra space under it."

"Overall, the e-Golf is one of the strongest efforts to date in the electric space..."

Source: Fox News

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