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The "D" will fit nicely in any of these slots

Flipping Out Over Elon’s "D"

The Top Ten thoughts swirling around my head, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally introduced his "D":

10)  Sigh...This "D" event is obnoxiously behind schedule. Does the “D” have performance anxiety?

9)   I've never waited this long for a "D."

8)  Just as the lights were about to go down on the "D" party; in walked Elon.

7)  Glad to see the "D" didn't turn out to be a two-stroke engine.

6)  In "l33t sp3ak", Model S P85D looks very similar to SPEED. I doubt this was by accident.

5)  C'mon, it's really not surprising that the "D" will come when summoned.

4)  This "D" can certainly get around; be sure to ask your Tesla specialist where that “D” has been. Safety first.

3)  The super speedy "D" has ri"D"iculous self-parking skills.

2)  Only (and I do mean ONLY) Elon’s "D" can boast a 3.2 second performance time as worthy of boasting.

1)  While driving a "D": If you're at a stoplight, and start to move before the light turns green, would this be considered premature acceleration?

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