Green Charge Networks's GreenStation

Green Charge Networks's GreenStation

Green Charge Networks and NRG eVgo announced a new strategic partnership to deploy electric vehicle charging stations with integrated energy storage.

NRG eVgo is building a network of fast charging stations, while Green Charge Networks offers energy storage systems - GreenStation, which typically come in 30 kW/30 kWh modules.

Because NRG eVgo is installing some combined CHAdeMO and Combo 2 units that need 100 kW, installations can be costly.  That's where energy storage systems come in to offset peak demand.

"To refuel an electric vehicle quickly, high-powered chargers are a key value for EV drivers.  Power availability, power costs, and capital expenses are frequently barriers to property owners seeking to deploy this technology. Combining intelligent energy storage and eVgo’s charging infrastructure offers facility managers the means to significantly reduce costs while attracting consumers for a seamless charging experience."

The first 5 such stations combining DC fast chargers and energy storage are already online in California, with plans to install over 10 total by the end of the year.

Vic Shao, CEO at Green Charge Networks stated:

“We’ve worked with schools, colleges, cities, and Fortune 500 clients like 7-Eleven to help them realize their sustainability goals through energy storage. As interest in electric vehicles rises, we’re thrilled to meet the demand in an economic and sustainable approach through our partnership with NRG eVgo.”

Terry O’Day, Vice President NRG eVgo commented:

“NRG eVgo makes it easy for property owners to provide EV charging and attract consumers. Partnering with Green Charge Networks will bring our service to more sites more quickly and expand our offering for both drivers and hosts.”

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