Per Larry Diamond:

Per Larry Diamond: "Here's another shot that shows the Volt driver and his dog. No injuries to either."

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Chevrolet Volt is one of the safest "small cars" in the U.S.  This incident puts the Chevy Volt's safety on display.

As Volt owner Larry Diamond explains after having seen his local evening news:

"As seen on this evening's news. Described as a "violent crash" that occurred during a police chase, the bad guys in the larger Audi SUV were taken to the hospital, while the Volt driver (and his dog!) are just fine. Chalk another one up to our high safety/crash ratings!"

California is notorious for high-speed chases.  Unfortunately, oftentimes innocent bystanders are brought into the mix.  This time, those innocent bystanders included a man and his dog in a Chevy Volt.

LA Times reports:

"...a police pursuit ended with a multivehicle crash in Santa Ana on the 5 Freeway, prompting the closure of three northbound lanes as crews cleared the wreckage."

"The chase began in Laguna Hills at about 11 a.m. as four alleged burglars attempted to get away from police in an Audi SUV. They were arrested after crashing near the Westfield MainPlace mall..."

Hat tip to Larry Diamond!!!

Source: LA Times

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