Some Firmware 6.0 Notes

Some Firmware 6.0 Notes

It's back...well, sort of.

Several Tesla Model S owners are reporting that the dreaded vampire drain has returned to the Model S in certain Firmware 6.0 versions.

The problem, it seems, is that some Model S EVs are affected by Firmware 6.0 in a negative way.  Even when selecting "sleep always," affected vehicles don't go to sleep.  This inability to sleep leads to high draw on the vehicle's battery pack, resulting in up to 12 miles of range lost overnight.

Some owners are reporting that even the latest Firmware 6.0 version (there are several 6.0 versions out there already) does not cure this vampire drain.

If you recall, vampire drain was a big issue for Tesla.  The automaker tried on several occasions to push out updates to reduce the drain.  Firmware 5.0 largely cured the issue:

Tesla Model S Firmware 5.0 Adds Sleep Mode to Cut Vampire Loss By Up To 75%

However, it now seems that at least some of the vampire drain has returned, at least for affected Model S sedans.

Oddly, not all or even most Model S owners on 6.0 are reporting this issue, so we aren't entirely sure what the cause is.  Therefore, we'll ask, have you experienced the return of vampire drain since getting 6.0?  If so, what firmware version is your Model S on right now and what's the drain you're experiencing?

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