i-MiEV 『X』

i-MiEV 『X』

At the 2014 CEATEC JAPAN, Nichicon announced that its EVPS (or EV Power Station) designed originally for the Nissan LEAF is now compatible with Mitsubishi Motors' electric cars.

EVPS is a bi-directional stand-alone CHAdeMO charger, which can charge i-MiEV and LEAF twice as quickly as on-board charger (6 kW) or provide power to other devices, even a home.

There is no word on compatibility with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which as a plug-in hybrid equipped with CHAdeMO would enable true backup for whole house at power during blackouts - at least until you run out of fuel.

"In August 2012, Nichicon introduced the world’s first V2H system, the EVPS, which was compatible with the “LEAF,” produced by Nissan Motor Company, earning market acclaim. In October 2013, Nichicon added to this a concept model aimed at meeting demand for corporate customers for business continuity plans (BCPs). Furthermore, in January 2014, Nichicon began offering a high-performance model that could be used via indoor remote control and with cogeneration equipment (such as ENE-FARM2)."

"While rolling out these three models, we encountered many customers who asked about an EVPS compatible with Mitsubishi Motors EVs, and we conducted technology verification in response to these needs. As a result, we made our models compatible with the lithium-ion drive batteries for Mitsubishi Motors’ EV lineup, including the i-MiEV, the MINICAB-MiEV VAN and the MINICAB-MiEV TRUCK, enabling them to supply power to homes. We also enabled double-speed charging, which enables charging from an EVPS at as much as twice the conventional 200V charging rate."

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