Usually, Tesla Motors can keep under wraps what it plans to reveal in the near future, but this time it seems the cats been let out of the bag.

Following Elon Musk's Tweet of "About time to unveil the D and something else," which included the image seen above, the Internet lit up in a frenzy.

Elon Musk's Tweet

Elon Musk's Tweet

It was less than one day later when we revealed that "the D" was caught on camera at Inyokern Airport, in California.  The "D" is the Tesla Model S P85D, as we'd predicted.

Then, we tracked down the "something else," which Tesla spokesman Simon Sproule basically confirmed as being Driver's Assist.  Okay, maybe he didn't quite confirm it, but Driver's Assist features are now being added to newly produced Model S sedans, without official word of the addition of these features from Tesla Motors.

Now, Automotive News adds more support to our assumption that the "something else" is Driver's Assist:

Tesla Motors Inc. will make its first foray toward automated driving, joining luxury rivals in offering high-tech features, including one that can keep the car in its lane, said a person familiar with the carmaker’s plans.

The new capabilities will be revealed at an announcement scheduled for this week, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the details aren’t public. 

Further confirming this is Sproule's statement:

“We started installing camera hardware from September in support of European. More news to come.”

Sproule declined to discuss specific features added to the Model S prior to Tesla's official announcement.

So, "the D" is dual-drive or AWD for Tesla Model S and the "something else" is Driver's Assist.  Though with the cats both now out of the bag, Tesla might just add one more "something else" into the mix.

Source: Automotive News

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