You can now add even more uniqueness to your Tesla Model S with these new & exclusive BBS wheels. One word...stunning!

These wheels are available through Unplugged Performance, along with some other available exterior components for the Model S.

Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance, adds:

"The long term vision for Unplugged Performance is to fill the role as the AMG equivalent for Tesla owners. Great brands require world class engineering partners and for our first wheel, the UP-01, we have followed the same path as Ferrari, Porsche and BMW in selecting BBS as our wheel supplier and partner."

"The Tesla Model S manages to be one of today's most exciting driver's cars, despite its hefty curb weight. This combination creates a unique need for an extremely durable, rigid and high performance wheel. Understanding our requirements, we worked with BBS to develop a wheel program at their German headquarters that was able to reach these high standards."

Craig Donnelly, President of BBS of America, Inc, stated:

"We recognized a unique opportunity to introduce BBS's industry leading wheel technology to a new audience in partnering with Unplugged Performance for the Tesla Model S."

"The Tesla Model S is a clear leader in modern innovation and performance. Tesla's fresh approach to high performance brings with it unique characteristics that we took into consideration when working with Unplugged on the project."

Interested in getting more details, including pricing, on these new BBS wheels? (Click here to check it all out)

It's been rumored that Unplugged Performance will soon have some available performance-enhancing upgrades for the Model S. We can't wait for those rumors to become reality.

Lookin' Sweet

Lookin' Sweet

Source: Market Wired, Unplugged Performance.

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