2012 Image Of Audi A6 e-tron

2012 Image Of Audi A6 e-tron

Quite some time ago, Audi's technical development boss, Ulrich Hackenberg, told Auto Express that an all-new, all-electric family car with seating for the entire family and a 280-mile (450km) range is currently under development.

At first, we suspected that this would be the Audi Q6 e-tron SUV, but upon further investigation, we're led to believe that indeed a BEV sedan is under development at Audi too (it's likely that this long-range electric family car from Audi is the mystery BEV discussed briefly here).

Quoting Hackenberg (via Auto Express last year):

"Such a car is under development. I was able to reengineer the R8 e-tron project and technology with the team and we are on the way to a range of 450km (280 miles). Let’s say that technology will also be carried over and is a trailer for another car with long range. It is under development and will be in the market for around 2017 but it will not be a sports car.”

So, not a sports car, but probably not at SUV either. How 'bout a sedan then? It seems Hackenberg hinted at precisely that when speaking with Auto Express. This is how Auto Express explains Hackenberg's admission:

"Hackenberg remained coy on further details of the all-electric family car but it is expected to adopt a saloon style body to allow for better packaging. The larger surface area of a saloon would allow for the bigger and more powerful batteries to be stowed beneath the floor of the car so to not encroach on boot or passenger space."

It seems as though Audi is one of only a couple of automakers interested in developing long-range BEVs to compete with Tesla.

Editor's note:  Assuming 280 miles is based on NEDC projections (and why would it not be?), converting that back to real-world/EPA numbers would be about 385 km/240 miles.


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