Volkswagen is featuring a new lineup of e-mobility commercials in Germany, this one is entitled "Zukunft für alle" (Future for All).

And while we don't feature a lot of German commercials here - as in this is our first one ever, this particular one has William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy playing some familiar roles - check out their sweater great!

The goal of the commercial of course is to promote the e-Golf (US MSRP of $35,455/$299 month lease - which arrives in November in America), the e-UP! (from £19,250/$30,700 USD), while giving a little more screen time to Volkswagen's uber-hybrid XL1 (UK MSRP of £98,515 ~$157,000 USD).

Bonus features:

Hat tip to David M!, Props to kdwag for some 'extra' vid links!

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