"Tesla Motors Inc. will unveil its Model 3, the mass-market car, and new versions of the Model S sedan at the event Oct. 9, analyst Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research said in a note Friday."

In all honesty, we'd be surprised if Tesla actually unveils the Model 3 prototype anytime in the near future.  It would certainly be unexpected, but Chowdhry seems to have access to an ample amount of Tesla-related information that's not available to the public, so maybe he's right?  Hard to say, but this is certainly the rumor of the day!

MarketWatch adds:

"It is no coincidence the event is to take place in the Los Angeles area rather the San Francisco Bay Area, where the electric-car maker is headquartered: Tesla's top designer "spends almost 90% of this time in the LA Design Center," Chowdhry said."

"By showing a Model 3 prototype Tesla is also hoping to garner more attention from potential "gigafactory" investors, he added. The new Model S versions would have all-wheel drive and semi-autonomous driver-assistance system, which would be positive for car technology company MobileEye Technologies."

So, it would seem that the "D" in the Tweet by Elon Musk stands for both dual-motor and driver's assist, while that "something else" is perhaps the Model 3.

Color us skeptical.

Elon Musk's Tweet From Wednesday Night

Elon Musk's Tweet From Wednesday Night


The "D" Teaser (via Elon Musk Twitter)

Source: Market Watch

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