Electric car sales in the U.S. fell back a little bit last month - below 10,000 according to the latest infographic from Electric Drive Transportation Association.

However, the result of 9,340 is still 15% over September 2013.

Editor’s Note: EDTA’s September (and YTD) estimates are typically slightly different than InsideEVs, as most publications don’t allow for the monthly variance in Tesla’s US deliveries; but should still even out to be fairly accurate overall in the upcoming months.

Sales of BEVs (5,983) gained an advantage of 64% / 36% on PHEVs (3,357).

Through the first nine months of 2014, sales are up by 30% year-over-year (88,149), from which 44,003 are EVs and 44,146 EREV/PHEV.

EDTA Sales Infographic – September 2014

EDTA Sales Infographic – September 2014

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