"Yup, looks like plug-in vehicles are... stepping up to the challenge!"

Tweets InsideEVs contributor Mark Larsen who forwarded us these two representations of U.S. plug-in electric vehicle sales.

Above you’ll see cumulative model-by-model U.S. sales to date (through end of September using sales figures obtained via InsideEVs) and market share for individual plug-in electric models (again, using InsideEVs sales data).

To check out a recap of September 2014′s plug-in sales, and the year-to-date chart - go here.

For a look at some of InsideEVs’ previously published works with graphical contributions from Larsen, check out the links below.

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Nissan LEAF Versus Chevy Volt – Cumulative Sales Graph With Exponential Curve

Cumulative Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales With Model-By-Model Breakdown For US – Behold Mount “EV”erest

*For more of Mark Larsen’s electric vehicle related works, check out his website here.

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