Two Renault Kangoo electric vans have arrived in Ecuador to kick starts the nation's EV mobility push.

The Kangoos will be tested by some of the nation's leading corporations.

Here are some additional details, as provided by Renault:

Renault, Nissan and the Government of Ecuador signed a Memorandum Of Understanding in order to start a collaboration to pave the way for developing EV mobility in Ecuador. It articulates around four main axes :

1. Achieving EV homologation 2. Suppressing EV import taxes and settling EV incentives 3. Developing charging infrastructure

4. Promoting EV mobility through pilot projects and communication

Renault concludes with the following statement:

"For the occasion, the first 2 Kangoo Z.E. arrived in Ecuador to start test drives with major companies. That’s what we call the electric revolution."

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