Electric Nissans - e-NV200 & LEAF

Electric Nissans - e-NV200 & LEAF

Nissan announced that it is gaining momentum in Europe by raising production (in UK, Russia and Spain).

The ultimate goal is to become the top Asian brand in Europe by 2016. For now, Nissan holds 3.7% market share.

Electric cars are helping to raise the bar as LEAF (since 2013) is made in Sunderland, UK together with its batteries and this year the new e-NV200 was put into production Barcelona, Spain.

Nissan has sold more than 135,000 LEAFs worldwide. In Europe, the figure is just over 28,000 (excluding most results for September).

"Global sales of electric vehicles have accelerated in 2014, with the Nissan LEAF leading the charge as the world's best-selling electric car ever. To date, more than 135,000 examples of the multi award-winning EV have been sold worldwide, with Europe accounting for more than 28,000 of that total. LEAF drivers are satisfied drivers - with a 95 percent customer satisfaction rate being the highest in the Nissan line-up.

And customer interest in the LEAF continues to rise, as concern about air quality in our cities increases and as quick charge networks continue to expand, making electric cars an even more attractive option.

Earlier this year, for example, dangerous levels of pollution caused by vehicle exhaust led to the authorities in Paris restricting private vehicle access to the city centre with an exception made for electric vehicles, while in London free access to the centre is now given to zero and ultra low emission vehicles only.

Without doubt EV sales will be further boosted by the recent arrival of the Nissan e-NV200 van, which is built in Spain for the global market and designed to bring affordability and efficiency to businesses large and small.

Based on the award-winning NV200 compact van, e-NV200 uses proven technology from Nissan LEAF to create an exceptional zero-emission vehicle that is perfect for the inner city by losing none of the capability of NV200 but gaining access to environmentally sensitive areas.

A number of significant fleet deals have already been secured for e-NV200, including contracts with British Gas, telecommunications provider Orange, and DHL Italy, while zero-emission taxi versions are being engineered to suit the specific demands of different markets.

With electric vehicles helping modernise today's businesses, the next chapter in the electric vehicle story has truly begun."

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