Tiffany's Top Ten on Elon's "D"

With the recent Tweet from Elon Musk on “unveiling the D” (we dearly hope this isn’t a thinly veiled euphemism), along with “something else,” let your imaginations run wild as to what that "something else" is after he unveils his “D”.

Displayed below are a slew of D-Words that could pertain to this announcement:

10) Disruptor – Elon fancies himself a Disruptor in the tech industry and beyond. We see no reason why he wouldn’t want to immortalize this status in a car.

9) Delivered – Hopefully the announcement of this model doesn’t mean increased Delayed Delivery times for everyone who has put in their Down payment.

8) Diesel – He wouldn’t! Or would he? It would be quite the mind blowing statement if he does.

7) Deimos – Given his obsession with the red planet perhaps he would have named this model after one of Mars’ two moons. It takes Deimos 30.4 hours to make one orbit around Mars. Hmm..maybe this model will charge in 30.4 seconds.

6) D’oh! – Perhaps he is paying homage to his brief guest starring role on long running comedy “The Simpsons

5) Dock – Is this the beginning of car docking for wireless charging?

4) Discount – LOL yeah right. In your Dreams

3) Deranged – There's a fine line between genius and insanity. In this case it may also be a reduced range vehicle that could bring stock dividends up.

2) Driverless – Maybe, just maybe Elon’s coders and software geeks have a surprise up their sleeve for all of us.

1) DDs – At the end of the day let’s give BEVs a set of double D’s. I hear D batteries are incredibly reliable.

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