"Still aspiring to own a Tesla Model S, wait is over as Austria has rolled out a full fleet of 20 such cab examples in its capital city Vienna. The fare is same to that of an ordinary taxi.

To detail, Okotaxi, a company providing cab service took up this outstanding job by replacing the Toyota Hybrid with it for a greener thought. As also ahoyed to add more 3 models by autumn, cab service owner says, he barely spend 7.4 euro to fill-up the car and it returns economy of 400 kilometers without a heck.

Hence, as per to us EVs shall better be planted in the cab-service rather than doing as a personal possession.

States the video transcript.

Yet one more city has made the switch to all-electric vehicles for taxi use.

Vienna, Austria acquired 20 Tesla Model S Sedans.

Its clear that cites/municipalities around the globe are seeing the added bonuses and benefits you get with an all-electric vehicle.

Bonuses and benefits include the incentives/ grants available in most places, very low operating costs, no pollution from the non-existent tailpipe and so on.

Let us know your thoughts on how you think the Tesla Model S will perform in the grueling taxi environment.

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