Right?  Who had the idea to do these videos inside of all sorts of buildings, like abandoned urban Barcelona places and actual power stations and all those places that we didn't even realize we really really wanted to ride a trials/dirt bike, probably are illegal to ride in, and why does an electric bike seem like such an amazingly awesome fit for such an unlikely endeavor?

Or, why wonder why?  Sit back and enjoy the latest soon-to-be-classic KTM FreeRide video:

KTM FreeRide shenanigans

KTM FreeRide shenanigans

Be sure to stay to the end to see the out-takes.  Like this, though we're not entirely sure what's going on here ----->

This past week alone has seen a pretty amazing collection of KTM FreeRide videos, and we're not quite sure why...  but who's complaining?

Danny MacAskill, for the record, is a street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd. and has been playing around with KTM for a while now.  On the KTM blog, you can read what he has to say about the FreeRide:

“I think I was at the ISPO show earlier this year and I saw the FREERIDE E and got talking to Thomas (Kuttruf, PR Manager) at KTM and I thought it was really interesting,” MacAskill explained on the origins of his link with the factory. “He offered to send one over to me in Scotland – which was pretty awesome. ...  Actually seeing the bike - you can tell that KTM are not joking about; it is a proper, solid, hardwearing piece of engineering, and also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.”


“For me, coming from the bicycle, I think there are more and more restrictions about where you can ride a motorbike whether its noise or environmental issues, so I can see the advantages,” he muses. “I was amazed how many of my friends back home knew about the bike or were excited to see it without me even mentioning it; there has been a real buzz about it and they have been calling me up to come over and see it. It opens up a completely different world. In the Alps, for the media demos at Saalbach, we’d pass groups of walkers at a slow pace and it was like we were going by on bicycles.”

...and if you'd like to see him in his native element, check out this (not really FreeRide) video from MotorcycleNews.com:

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