ORCA Inceptive onboard

ORCA Inceptive onboard

With more and more babes driving electric cars these days, there's still no easy way to rescue them from the road when batteries become depleted.

In steps comes Andromeda Power, which more than a year ago introduced its ORCA Inceptive EV rescue charger.

It cost some $25,990 and, at 50 kW of power, can put 5 kWh into a Nissan LEAF in 9 minutes. In this particular example, ORCA Inceptive was located in the trunk of another Nissan LEAF.

"Say goodbye to "range anxiety" with Andromeda Power's ORCA Inceptive EV Rescue Fast Charger.

It provides 20 miles range (5 kWh) in as little as 9 minutes.

This dramatization shows how simple it is to be back on the road in no time."

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