"#Renault #ZOE has now launched in #Turkey: what great news! Who's next?"

Tweeted Renault Z.E.

Like the Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF and BMW i3, the Renault ZOE is widely available in numerous countries, now including Turkey where only 190 EVs were sold in 2012, but the prediction calls for 44,000-plus to be sold in 2020.

Here's what Frost & Sullivan predicts will happen in Turkey:

“Twelve OEMs are expected to launch their EV models in next five years. In terms of public charging stations, the country had 160 in 2012 and 120,000 more are expected to be installed by 2020.”

It's almost turkey time here in the U.S. with Thanksgiving just around the corner.  Meanwhile, in Turkey, it's turning into EV time.

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