BMW i3

BMW i3

Our readers often ask for true comparisons (like apples to apples), so today we have something special (apples to definitely not apples).

The BMW i3 versus KTM Duke 390 in a drag race. To do this drag race comparison right completely wrong, theMotorweb channel arranged a race on public roads and, for safety reasons reason unknown to us, late at night.

Here we have the results - the i3 is able to keep pace with the KTM 390 Duke from 30-50 to 150 km/h, despite the motorcycle tearing up the darkness with its screaming sounds.

"BMW i3: Electric engine, 170 HP and 1195 kg (unladen mass). Performance: 0-100 km/h in 7,2 s; top speed of 150 km/h

KTM 390 Duke: 375 cc engine, 44 HP and 139 kg (unladen mass)."

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