BYD Qin just barely improved October's sales result in China by reaching 1,702 units (two more than in September, so the continuous growth...continues).

Over 11,000 Qin were sold in the first 10 months of 2014, which is the highest result for any full-size plug-in car sold in China.

BYD Qin is accompanied by BYD's all-electric e6, which at a level of 200 sales a month, has been flat most of the year.

Tesla Model S sales estimation for October stands at 800.  Soon we probably should see that figure crossing 1,000 a month.

In total ,almost 50,000 EVs were sold in China thus far in 2014 if we include 17,500 Kandi micro-vehicles.

EV sales in China – October 2014 (Source: <a href=EV Sales Blog)" draggable="false">

EV sales in China – October 2014 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

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