Jaguar XJ PHEV

Jaguar XJ PHEV

Jaguar-Land Rover filed a trademark in the U.S. for "EV-Type," which follows Jaguar's old naming convention  (S-Type and X-Type), as well as it's current use of F-Type.

"EV-Type" clearly indicates electric, be it pure electric, EREV or plug-in hybrid.

According to Auto Guide:


"The company filed applications to both offices aiming to trademark the name “EV-Type.” The filing doesn’t include more detailed information about the company’s plans..."

Auto Guide speculates the following:

"That could point to the company taking early steps in preparation for an alternative fuel version of its sports car. At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the company showed the C-X16 concept, a hybrid-electric sports car that turned out to be a precursor for the F-Type sports car, which is currently powered by V6 and V8 gasoline engines."

But truthfully, nothing beyond the trademark filing of "EV-Type" is known at this time.

Source: Auto Guide

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