Imagine you're driving on some long trip with a back seat full of 10 year old boys who are getting a little wound up about some awesome idea that's just totally over the top, and probably only possible in the mind of a ten year old boy.  You know how it would go, right?  (and to the mothers-of-ten-year-old-boys who are reliving the trauma reading this, apologies): "...IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME AND THEN IT WOULD LIKE COME IN TO THE ARENA AND IT WOULD BE ALL LIKE FFFFFFFFFZIP VVVVVVVZIP FFFFFFFFFFZIP BOOMBOOMBOOM AND THEN IT WOULD (other kid) NONONO MAKE IT GO GGGGGGGGGHRRRPOP ALL ANGRY AND SMASH LIKE A CAR OR SOMETHING THAT BLOWS UP INTO FLAMES AND THEN HHHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPPPL OMG IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!... "

Well, think this kind of a thing when you're considering MegaBots.  Except these particular "boys" know how to actually build this stuff.  It starts with "WE wanted to build something EPIC."

That epic build is a gigantic, driver-operated "robot" (think that thing that Ripley strapped herself into to beat up on that momma Alien except bigger and angrier) that has arms and "weapons" that shoots maybe paintballs or something even more awsesome and epic and has sparks and all sorts of other epic stuff.  Now multiply that one by oh, ten, add them to a big arena with lights and explosions and things, and you have a Monster Truck event gone completely, insanely, pathologically mad.  Take a look at the video, it says it better than we could.


Damned right it is.  The prototype is running a set of PMDC 10kW electric motors, and the production models will boast a more powerful 100kW (total power) PMAC drivetrain.  You're looking at over 50-75 kWh in lithium energy onboard, and a range of 3-5 miles in traffic.

Traffic that's shooting paintballs at you.

These aren't a bunch of dreamers, (though, it's clear they have some pretty fantastic dreams):

The crew from Ghostbusters and the MegaBots team in front of the MegaBot Mark I at New York Comic Con

The crew from Ghostbusters and the MegaBots team in front of the MegaBot Mark I at New York Comic Con

We’re a team of more than 20 engineers, scientists, designers, artists, fabricators, and producers dedicated to making the giant fighting robots of the future, today.

Our team includes artists who’ve worked on Mechwarrior games, engineers from high-end robotics and hydraulics R&D companies, scientists from MIT and research labs, producers from feature films and TV, and more. We know that the look and feel of both the robots and the game they play matters as much as the technology inside them, and we will pay as much attention to the art and game design as we do the intense math and physics required to make the robots themselves.

To follow these evil geniuses, here's their Facebook page, where you get a sense of the progress of the project.  Their YouTube page shows them shooting up some junk cars for practice running some scientific testing, and their main site is where you get the, well, main information.

Lest we forget, if you want to back this project, they're funding it through Kickstarter.  Here's that link: MegaBots: Giant Fighting Robots.  WHERE YOU CAN ORDER YOUR VERY OWN AWESOME MEGABOT! MegaBot? MegaBot?

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