Hey Ho, Lets Go!

Hey Ho, Lets Go!

Not since Joey Ramone and the band toured Germany has the country seen this much American energy. In the past seven-ish days, Germany saw the opening of three new Tesla superchargers in Hirschberg, Wernberg, and Lauenau for a total of 22 superchargers. Additionally, three superchargers went under construction in Achern, Schleswig-Busdorf, Nossen, as well as a new service center that began construction in Berlin.

During a 2013 event in Germany, Elon Musk made two major announcements.

First, recognizing Germans' love to drive their high-end vehicles at top speeds on the autobahn, Tesla will offer customers a free optional high-speed tuning. The tuning, Musk says, enables a better driving experience at top speeds.

Second, Tesla will be making a huge investment in its Superchargers in the country. Tesla plans to have about 40-50 Superchargers in the country by the end of 2015, giving 100% of the population of Germany access to a Supercharger station. The company plans to approximately double the number of Supercharges in the country every quarter all the way through the end of 2015. This should give chargers approximately 200 km spacing -- shorter than the average distance in the U.S., probably due to expected higher driving speeds, which would decrease Model S battery range. 

Joey Ramone might have followed

They're all reved up and ready to go.

They're forming in a straight line.

They're going through a tight wind...

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