After 86,000 km (53,437 miles) of driving, Bjørn Nyland's Tesla Model S P85 hit a bit of a speed bump. The contactor in the main battery pack had failed while he was away from home.

A similar incident had occurred with KmanAuto's 60kWh Model S… There was an issue with some of the earlier production Model S' with the contactor, but just like Bjørn mentions towards the end of the video, this issue has since been solved.

The upside to this story is Bjørn was provided a loaner (which was swapped for a 60 kWh Model S soon after he received his first loaner).  Additionally, Tesla Motors immediately took care of the issue and gave him a brand-new "D" battery pack.

We like seeing and hearing how Tesla Motors handles issue in such a way that "Polite and Professional" and "Above and Beyond" are understatements, which is what seems to be exactly the case here.

Bjorn was reunited with his P85 Model S after 10 days. So, now he can continue his long, informative, stereotype-debunking Model S videos! Like this...

While Bjørn had the 60 kWh Model S, he took the time to provide us with his personal review video filmed during his incredible 10-day, 3,000 mile time frame with the vehicle.

You can check out the 60-kW review in the video below.

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