Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter - Despite The

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter - Despite The "Coming Soon" Status, We Can Now Confirm That Tesla Is Shipping These Adapters

It was more than a year ago when Tesla Motors first unveiled its Model S CHAdeMO adapter.  The price way back then was $1,000.  Status – coming soon.

While the status of coming soon remains, the price has been cut by more than half: $450

Following the recent price cut, Tesla quietly began accepting orders for the CHAdeMO adpater.

We can now confirm that Tesla is indeed shipping these adapters to buyers.

Every Model S owner who wishes to CHAdeMO charge now has access to this adapter at a price of only $450 (provided that Supercharging is already enabled on the Model S).

You can check out the CHAdeMO adapter and other Tesla goodies here.

Shipment Received

Shipment Received

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