University Of Birmingham Takes Delivery Of Nissan e-NV200

University Of Birmingham Takes Delivery Of Nissan e-NV200

Nissan recently delivered a e-NV200 Acenta to the the University of Birmingham.

The new e-NV200 will be used as a postal vehicle delivering mail across the university.

Here is an interesting interview with Monica Guise, University of Birmingham's Post, Portering and Transport Manager, who was asked about EVs by Nissan:

"We had been eagerly awaiting the launch of the e-NV200  for about two years and so we were delighted to be the first to place an order and one of the first to take delivery."

"We began trialling electric vehicles six years ago and it's fair to say we've had good and bad experiences in that time."

"But we were really excited by the arrival of the e-NV200 for a long time as we knew as it had been built from the ground-up to function as a van should."

"We've been really impressed by its performance, versatility and handling."

"The van will only cover about 4,000 miles per year, doing 25-35 miles per day, so we only need to charge it a couple of times a week."

"But in terms of the emissions, the e-NV200 will help us deliver on our environmental commitments and will play a big role us meeting the carbon targets that trigger additional central funding."

"Anything we can do to reduce the CO2 emissions from within our fleet directly impacts on our funding from government. That's one of the reasons we're aiming to have 40% of our fleet fully electric by 2020."

"We're leasing our e-NV200 through Lex Autolease and that's a real advantage for us and a major step forward for electric vehicles. All of a sudden we're in the position where fleet managers don't have to manage the financial risk that comes with new technology - that's a massive shift."

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