Who would've thought that the CODA Sedan would surprise us in 2014, long after the company CODA Automotive went bankrupt?

A company called Ethos Electric Carshare launched an all-electric car-sharing service in Golden and the Denver-metro area in Colorado.

On the website we see some photos of Tesla Model S, but according to media reports, it seems that the fleet consists mainly of CODA Sedans. Tesla Model S EVs are available "for half-day rentals to qualified customers".

"eThos is amassing a fleet of the best electric cars made in 2013: The Coda Electric Sedan.

The Coda was the only American-made, all-electric, 5-passenger sedan produced in 2013, and was awarded the EPA’s longest battery range in its class for that year. The electric motor and motor controller are manufactured in Denver, and the drive train comes courtesy of UQM in Longmont, so the Coda also supports Colorado jobs.

This stylish sedan has high performance will inspire your own "EV Grin.” (We of course recommend efficient driving habits, such as slower acceleration, lower top speeds, and regenerative braking . . . just sayin'.)

The Coda offers all the safety, convenience, and exhilaration of a modern electric vehicle, including:

125 Miles Range (depending on driving style)

  • Regenerative Braking
  • LED Accent Lights
  • 31 kW Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack
  • A full array of airbags for improved safety"

eThos CODA Sedan

eThos CODA Sedan

Tim Prior, eThos Electric Car Share founder, stated:

“Our fleet cars are zippy and reliable. We are happy with Coda’s look and performance and believe Coloradans will be too.”

“Quiet is the new loud. I love to see a driver’s face light up when they push on the accelerator for the first time.”

CODA Sedan has a range of 88 miles (EPA), but some could go up to 125 miles.

We don't know how many cars and rental stations are available, as there is no map on the website.

While CODAs are the entry-level cars and workhorses, customers will be able to rent the Tesla Model S at three times the price:

"Hourly rate for driving the Tesla is three times the member’s current rate. The Tesla is available for rental after 5 rental trips totaling at least 20 hours."

eThos Rate Plans

eThos Rate Plans


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