Do Electric Vehicle Owners Do It Better?

Let's call a spade a spade shall we? A Nissan LEAF doesn't scream sexy; and even the beloved Tesla Model S sedan is just that...a sedan. However, after recently dating this particular person with a love for well...himself. (In all fairness at least he had a sense of humor).

Lover Of Himself

Lover Of Himself

I thought it's time to look into how EV drivers treat their significant others. Below are my TOP 10 findings:

10) They are healthier!

Electric vehicle owners are conscientious people in general. Chances are you will both be taking care of yourselves inside and out. I Have yet to hear about someone who simply "let themselves go". This is a good start.



9) They love those road trips

Who doesn't like a good weekend trip? Heck, why wait for the weekend? You can find this group hiking, biking, rock climbing, sight seeing, e.t.c. any day of the week.

8) They keep their cars immaculate

When you have such a cool vehicle of course you are going to keep it clean. In most cases can be reasonably assured the car won't smell like two week old takeout and body odor. Definite plus.

7) Embrace charging time.

I for one can think of several things to do with 20-30 min of free time. Get creative. :)

6) They save thousands in gas money!

Which from what I've been told many times results in thoughtful gestures, simply because they were thinking of who doesn't like that? (Extra points for thoughtful gestures that come in "little blue boxes".)

5) This simply wouldn't happen

Asking their significant other get out of the car in sub zero temperatures (-14 to be exact) to pump gas. This insulting request came to me last January, and I'm still not even a little sorry for responding with, "Hell no!"

4) Remote control start alone is not impressive.

This Tech savvy bunch wasn't about to get behind the wheel of something that didn't have an app to keep loved ones comfortable at all times. Not only can they start the car with their phone; they can turn the air conditioning on so that shower you just took wasn't in vain. Also, the heat can also be cranked. This is almost equally as important to anyone who dealt with winter last year.

3) Kids think EVs are the $#!T

C'mon, it's always fun when those little eyes light up with fascination, and you're with the one who has the most exciting car in the after school pick up line.

2) They have a J.O.B.

Typically the only "scrubs" in this demographic are the ones they wear while performing surgery.

1) They are so darn nice!

Aside from the guy who opted to announce his divorce on Twitter a few years ago; (it's cool we've all had social media fail) it's evident that electric vehicle owners are a more thoughtful, dedicated, supportive, and caring to their family and friends.

So, do electric vehicle owners do it better...I think they just may.

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