The Volkswagen e-Golf is fairly new to the electric vehicle landscape.  Most recently the car was launched in the United States in late October.

VW e-Golf Interior - Much Like Your Standard Golf Fair

VW e-Golf Interior - Much Like Your Standard Golf Fair

Now the reviews are pouring in - and for the most part test drivers seem to be enjoying the all-electric VW.

For America the e-Golf is only available in the top-of-the-line/premium trim SEL, which  starts at $35,445, which does seem to be  a little steep for a 83 mile range EV these days (full EPA specs/MPGe can be found here), especially considering it is not all that unlike those offerings already on the market from Nissan (with the LEAF) and Ford (with the Focus Electric) for less.

We figure VW has kind of figured out that the MSRP pricetag might be a bit of a shocker for potential customers (despite many nice bonus features), and that is why they are also offering a pretty competitive $299/month leasing campaign on EV.

In the video (above) CNET ask the question that really everyone in the market for a "city" EV is asking:

" does it stack up against other electric vehicles like Ford Fusion Electric, Nissan Leaf and Fiat 500e"

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