VW e-Golf Instrument Cluster.

VW e-Golf Instrument Cluster.

"There's officially a Volkswagen Golf for everyone. The standard Golf is a go-to choice in the compact hatchback market…."

"Now Volkswagen has a Golf for the ultra-green set. It's the 2015 eGolf, and it's the automaker's first shot at a fully electric machine here in the United States."

"What makes it special beyond its propulsion system? Nothing... and that's why people will like it."

As we mentioned before, the Volkswagen Golf is available in almost any propulsion variation one could imagine: gas, diesel, plug-in hybrid, pure electric and so on.

In this video, Hooniverse takes a look at the brand-new electric version of the Golf.

The e-Golf… is just a Volkswagen Golf that happens to have the engine and transmission deleted and fitted with an all-electric propulsion system! (An unnoticeable amount of rear cargo has been lost due to the placement of the battery pack)

The noticeable differences from the ICE versions include the instrument cluster, unique interior stitching, wheels, and the charge port.

Overall, Hooniverse seems to be impressed with the e-Golf.  What's your take on the new e-Golf?

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