Ford Focus Electric at ChargePoint

Ford Focus Electric at ChargePoint

ChargePoint, well known for its electric vehicle charging network, is now turning to residential customers interested in both home charging and solar panel installation.

ChargePoint CEO - Pasquale Romano recently was interviewed about CharegPoint's partnership with Sun Edison.

"The partnership is between us and Sun Edison. The reason we partnered with Sun Edison is that they are moving into residential solar in a big way and they have a vision beyond solar–they look at the whole energy-efficiency genre as a holistic problem-set for consumers.

We are getting into the home space, and so is Sun Edison. Sun Edison has a very well established commercial solar business. And together we think we can bring our drivers a pretty compeling offer–a ChargePoint home charger in connection with a solar installation on that driver’s roof.

All the installation gets all wrapped together, so while the people are out taking care of installing the solar, it’s a very, very small increment to add an EV charger at that point."

Since there is net-metering available, combining electric car charging and solar is beneficial and you don't need expensive energy storage to minimize energy bills.

"Q: People who are interested in solar seem to be the same people who are interested in EV. Do you see this as something that might be an incentive to buy an electric car? Or is this for people who already have an EV and want solar?

I think it is a little bit of both. I think that an electric car makes so much sense if you are making a lot of your own power because if you are making electricity at a favorable rate, you might as well move your fuel costs into that category. Combining solar and an EV can give you some pretty dramatic economic benefits.

And if you have an EV, you are immediately thinking about ‘Hey, how can I really take the next step and really reduce my fuel costs, and energy costs for my house, car, everything?’ Solar is just an easy way to do that. Right now the economics on solar are so great for residential that if you have the ability to do it it is a pretty easy decision."

So, if you are considering solar & EV, then Sun Edison/ChargePoint could be another option.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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