Spied - First-Gen ELR

Spied - First-Gen ELR "back in the day"

Next-Gen ELR Is Coming

Next-Gen ELR Is Coming

In speaking with Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac's new boss, Automobile magazine discovered that a next-generation Cadillac ELR is definitely coming:

"He confirmed the luxury brand will follow up the ELR plug-in hybrid with a similar model."

When asked to specifically discuss the ELR, de Nysschen (the former Chevy Volt hater/Audi boss - now Cadillac chief) turned 180 degrees:

Q: Is there a future for ELR?

A: I am fascinated by the technology and completely convinced of the longer term potential. I read (a news story) recently claiming there will be no ELR successor. I can tell you that’s complete nonsense. Whether the successor to ELR is exactly a compact two-door coupe is still under evaluation.

Yep, that's a 180 switch for de Nysschen, who previously stated the following at various times during his career at Audi:

“The Chevrolet Volt is a car for Idiots…No one is going to pay a $15,000 premium for a car that competes with a (Toyota) Corolla. So there are not enough idiots who will buy it.”

“Mass electrification” of the vehicles on American roads could lead to problems like a strained electric grid. Large-scale utilization of electric vehicles will require massive investment in new power stations that are much cleaner than the ones in use in the U.S. today.”

“(EVs) could merely shift greenhouse gas emissions from the tailpipes of cars to the smokestacks of coal-burning utilities. That’s not just my opinion. The California Air Resource Board this past April concluded that electric vehicles presently are second only to hydrogen cars in greenhouse gas impact when measured on a well-to-wheel basis”

Lyle Dennis at GM-Volt.com, interviewed him after these quotes were made, so he could add or retract to his statements, and he added the following:

To be fair he said, “I have never obviously driven a Volt” but admits “he has always looked at the car with great interest.” He even sat in it at an auto show, and said “it’s not exactly a Cadillac.”

Source: Automobile

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