2016 MY Chevrolet Volt Battery Cutaway

2016 MY Chevrolet Volt Battery Cutaway

Camouflaged 2016 Chevy Volt

Camouflaged 2016 Chevy Volt

It's the question on the minds of most: Will the introduction of the next-gen 2016 Chevy Volt lead to a significant increase in U.S. Volt sales?

Of course, the answer to that depends on whether or not General Motors actually wants to sell more Volts.

Initially, when the Chevy Volt launched back in 2010, General Motors put advertising weight behind its revolutionary plug-in vehicle.  However, GM's marketing efforts quickly dwindled down to where we are now...no advertising.

Back when the Volt first debuted, General Motors' then-CEO Dan Akerson set a sales target of 60,000 units per year.  That target was never met and, in actuality, was way too optimistic for the time - thanks in part to a "comfortably under $30,000" price expectation that turned out $40,000 higher.

Today, the electric vehicle space is measurably different than it was back in 2010, yet sales of the current Volt remain lower than expectations.

The real issue (one that been voiced by thousands of current Volt owners) is that GM doesn't promote the Volt.  If this changes with the introduction of the next-gen 2016 Volt, then sales will no doubt increase.

But how high can sales reasonably go?

Right now, Volt sales are in the range of approximately 1,500 units per month, down considerably compared to average monthly Volt sales in 2013 and 2012.

With the introduction of the next-gen Volt and proper marketing, we think GM could get that average monthly sales figure above 3,000 units per month, which would move the Volt back into the top spot in monthly sales for plug-ins in the U.S.

This time around, GM is not announcing any sales targets, so it's not clear what the automaker's expectations are.  We do know that GM hopes to increase Volt sales with Gen 2, but to what level we aren't sure.

Our guess is that GM will be looking to exceed 40,000 units per year, not quite twice the level of Volt sales in 2012 and 2013.  Anything beyond 40,000 will be a bonus, but that's the figure we're setting for minimum yearly Volt sales for GM and the rest of the world to consider it a success.

What are your predictions?

What's your estimate on annual U.S. Volt sales for Gen 2?  What's the lowest figure you'll except to consider the Volt a sales success?  Will GM get behind this Volt by marketing it at the level it deserves?

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