With last-minute notification, I ventured out to Iowa, to cover a recent Tesla test drive event (Check it out here).There was one other reason why I went to Iowa though… As you'll see in the video above.

I have spoken with Model S owners on camera once before, & I truly wanted the opportunity to do it again.  I had the chance, so I jumped on it.

I asked a number of questions to each of the Tesla owner I spoke to on camera… Some even provided their own statements/story(ies) without me asking a single thing. I feel that it is more credible to hear directly from actual Model S owners.

Why? Long story short, the owners have the most knowledgeable insight into the car. Additionally,  Tesla's advertising is mainly word-of-mouth… Who's better word-of-mouth then the owners?

Sure enough, I got exactly what I was seeking. The pieces fell into place & the Tesla owners were talking like the camera was not even there.

You can sense the true passion from each and every Tesla owner in the 49-minute video above.

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