Tesla Website China

Tesla Website China

Goldman Sachs analyst Patrick Archambaul claims that Tesla Motors is experiencing "robust" demand for its Model S in China.

How "robust" is the demand?

According to Archambaul, the demand is now so high that wait times for the Model S in China are approaching six months.  This is after the 2-week factory shutdown in Fremont for retooling.

If accurate, this is good news for Tesla as it looks to bridge the sales gap between the Model S and the upcoming Model X in the second quarter of 2015.

Archambaul adds that Tesla is working to fulfill backorders of 4,000 or so in China.  Or, as Bidness reports its:

"The analyst said pre-orders for Tesla’s Model S had already expanded to about 4,000 as of mid-September, stretching delivery wait times to as much as six months following the two-week Tesla Fremont factory shutdown."

More sales for the Model S in China will likely lead to the need for more Tesla stores and services centers across the nation.

Overall, Chinese demand plus renewed worldwide Model S interest via the ultra high performance P85D Model S (that can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds) and new AWD models (full details on both here) should ease Tesla nicely into the upcoming all-electric SUV.

Source: Bidness Etc.

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