When we look at the alternatively-fueled vehicle (AFV) registrations in the UK, we find an accelerating growth curve.

However, conventional hybrids seems to be stuck and most of the growth over the past 5 years (roughly 10,000 units) comes from plug-in cars.

First were all-electric, but now plug-in hybrids hold the baton. Here is a comment from the UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders :

"2014 has seen a significant rise in registrations of alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs). With two months still remaining in the year, registrations are already 12,000 ahead of the full-year total for 2013.

Petrol-electric hybrid cars have long been the most popular choice for AFV buyers, but other variants are gaining in popularity. Registrations of pure electric cars have more than doubled over last year, while those of plug-in hybrid and range-extended models look set to quadruple by the end of 2014.

Key to this surge in popularity is a constantly increasing range of models available: in 2011 buyers were restricted to just six plug-in models. Now there are 20 to choose from, in a range of body styles including coup├ęs and SUVs."

The rise of the alternatively-fuelled vehicle in 2014 (Source SMMT)

The rise of the alternatively-fuelled vehicle in 2014 (Source SMMT)

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