The Athens-Clarke County Police Department (ACCPD) got a brand-new Nissan LEAF (not a pursuit vehicle).

The ACCPD's Nissan LEAF will "serve as an administrative services vehicle under the terms of a leasing agreement, with the option to purchase at the end of the lease term."

This is not The ACCPD's first move to reduce the consumption of resources. Not only are they reducing the use of fuel, but they have taken on other initiatives such as "electronic reports, the use of rechargeable flashlights, and even the use of hybrid vehicles" and will be continuing to seek ways to reduce the resource consumption.

The LEAF's 126/101 MPGe and the range of ~ 84 miles on a single charge seems like a perfect fit for the PD. Especially when they mention that it "far exceeds the efficiencies derived from the hybrid vehicles which are currently in service as administrative vehicles." Seems a logical choice to us.

Throughout the LEAF's use, the ACCPD will "provide performance data to other Athens-Clarke County stakeholders to determine the suitability of all-electric vehicles in their service delivery modes."

Atlanta, Georgia and Kingsport, Tennessee have also taken on the initiative to go electric. We are happy to add Athens-Clarke County to that list.  Who's next?

Source: Athens Patch

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